Conservation Framing

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
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Conservation Framing

Artwork of significant value should be framed with carefully chosen materials which do not just offer a beautiful presentation but also ensure that they last as long as possible while on display. This is what conservation framing strives towards. Significant developments are constantly made as we study and learn more about the nature of artwork preservation and how different materials degrade under various circumstances. By working closely with the Chief Conservator and other experts at the Singapore Heritage Board, Framehub has been on a long journey of evolution, adopting new, better techniques and state of the art materials for conservation framing that meets the highest museum standards.

Conservation framing is not just for expensive museum collections. Many people have personal art or objects of equally priceless, sentimental value which should be treated with similarly exceptional care. The techniques used are carefully designed to preserve the original state of the artwork as far as possible while ideally being a fully reversible process.

The special materials we use for conservation framing includes UV-filtering glazing (glass/acrylic), pH-neutral and pH-buffered 100% cotton museum mats, acid free specialty adhesives, inert backing boards and moisture-control sheets to regulate the humidity level within a frame. We employ museum-standard hinging techniques and are able to hermetically seal artwork within a frame if necessary.

UV-filtering Glazing
TRU VUE® Optium Museum Acrylic®
Groglass Artglass AR 99™
Evonik Plexiglas® UV 100

pH-neutral and pH-buffered 100% cotton mat boards
Rising Museum Board (various colours of white and cream 4/8ply)

Moisture Control
ART SORB sheet 50% RH
MarvelSeal climate barrier foil